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Martin Stanko

Martin Stanko – Keyboards/Vocals

Originally a farm boy from just outside the Heart of Rock-N- Roll, Cleveland, Ohio.  Martin's musical roots lie firmly in Rock and Country.  Handed his first album at 5 years old, Def Leppard’s Pyromania.  Martin spun it on his Fisher Price record player while banging along on his parent's old upright piano. Martin fell in love with the synth and becoming no stranger to the stage, he performed all through high school and college in various pop, garage rock and country bands.

Arriving in California around 2004, Martin's talents were quickly recognized and he began performing with local country band Tailgate and doing several other independent projects and performances with local Bay Area musicians over the years.

Then came that fateful day when Martin and Scott were talking at a mutual friend's house and talk turned to music.  Scott mentioned that his band was in need of a new keyboardist and . . . Martin thought "Raise Your Hands", then he showed up at a rehearsal and said "Keep The Faith" boys, "I'll Be There For You".  Now he’s rockin' the keys for Steel Horse!!